Other services


REINGENIERÍA ENERGÉTICA gives support to the producers in Special Regime so they can sell their super pluses on the electrical market. At present, REINGENIERÍA ENERGÉTIVA manages more than 70MW of electrical power in this market.


The reach of this management comprises:

  • Initial Works: given services in order that the plant can operate as producer in special regime in the market of the electricity
  • Works with daily periodicity: assistance in the accomplishment of sale offers in the daily market. Management control. Control of energy matched, detours and final prices, control of liquidation invoice OMIE (check) reading and packaging the information of the sold electric power (spilt to network) according to protocol R.E.E.
  • Works with monthly periodicity: issue of invoices to the Distribution Company of the premiums, incentives and reactive energy. Review of OMIE invoices. Advice in the confection of energy balances and comparison with provisional balance sheets: emission of the report of detours and other corrective measures.