REINGENIERÍA ENERGÉTICA was founded in 1992 as an independent and professional organization, in order to provide engineering and technical advice in the field of energy companies.
The growing importance of energy costs in the competitiveness of Industrial companies and services, and the relentless pursuit of productivity, lead to the need of more rational management and use of energy resources in their production processes.

Liberalization of energy markets and their increasing complexity cause a need for efficient use of energy. These are the reasons for
REINGENIERÍA ENERGÉTICA, which since its inception has been providing technical support to companies, reducing energy costs in their accounts. Improving competitiveness and reducing the environmental impact by optimized energy contracts and reduction of consumption are the main objectives in selection of proposals.

The flexibility of
REINGENIERÍA ENERGÉTICA adjusts the size and characteristics of its structure to the needs of clients and projects, eliminate unnecessary costs and provides high quality achievements.